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The art of working with the ditch reed

For five generations our family has been working with the ditch reed, maybe one of the ecological products par excellence.
Our activity started in the province of Mantua and then we moved to the Trasimeno Lake where 60 years ago the collection of the reed was very flourishing.

Our common reed products

The common reed is considered one of the most environmentally-friendly construction materials. It is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator.

Common reed and green building

The common reed has always been used as construction material. Today these plants are particularly appreciated in green building for their properties. First and foremost, due to its natural origin: it grows spontaneously and requires no special care or treatments. All it needs are favourable climatic conditions. In addition, reeds can be composted once their life cycle is over.
The common reed is absolutely non-toxic. Throughout its different phases, from harvesting to final use, it is never harmful for the environment or for human health. Reeds are excellent acoustic and temperature insulators and are perfect to create internal and external layers, as they are not damaged by humidity. They also work very well as false ceilings or dividing walls. Finally, reeds are also hygroscopic and resistant to humidity and rot, to rodents and to mould.

How we work

  • Collecting information

    E-mail us at lace@lacep.it, or call us +39 335 229 485 or +39 335 773 0218, tell us what you need, ask your questions, and we can then make an appointment.

  • Project

    We can design a customised structure based on your requests and instructions. Our highly specialised artisans and collaborators can create a tailor-made project for you.

  • Execution

    We build all parts of the project at our premises and we also transport the materials and assemble everything on site.