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Pressed reed panel (thickness cm 5).

Reed panels are perfect for thermal and acoustic insulation.

Their thermal conductivity is 0.038/0.044 W/mk, which means with a wall 15 cm thick it is possible to obtain a thermal k of 0.037 and with a 20-cm wall. a k of 0.28. A 25-cm reed wall is equivalent to a 71-cm thick wall made with the best insulating bricks (? = 16).

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Acoustic insulation can be obtained with a panel 5 cm thick. Sound insulation power of 24 db, each 5-cm panel increases the sound insulation power by 6/12 db. In addition, it is a breathable material (u = 2) that allows for construction according to green building criteria. The material does not absorb humidity or water and therefore ensures constant insulation even in damp conditions. As natural insulation, reed panels are absolutely not toxic in any way, and in none of its phases, from harvesting to processing to its final use, are they harmful to the environment or to human health. They can be reused if disassembled whole. If not reused, they are biodegradable. The plaster panels can be discarded as inert material.

Reed panels can be cut transversally or longitudinally. It is advisable to always move the panels vertically to prevent twisting or bending, and to store them vertically or on a flat surface. In any case, store them in a dry place.

Standard length


Standard width

100/150/200 cm

Thermal conductivity

?= 0,045 w/mk

Breaking load

750 n/mq

Reaction to fire

Germany b/2 hardly combustible, din 41029 (equivalent to class 2 in Italy)

Breathability to water vapour

U= 2

Energy need

ca.42 kw/m3


200 kg/m2 ± 10%

2-cm thickness

Thermal K 1.91 kg/mq 2.6

5-cm thickness

Thermal k 0.94 kg/m2 6.5

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