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We have been working with the ditch reed for five generations

For five generations our family has been working with the ditch reed, maybe one of the ecological products par excellence.
Our activity started in the province of Mantua and then we moved to the Trasimeno Lake, where 50 years ago the collection of the reed was very flourishing.

The mowing of the reed takes place once a year, which allows a more luxuriant growth and not doing it would mean the atrophy of the marsh.

In time, we have been able to obtain various finished products, starting from the first years of the last century by making mats, strictly hand made, breeding silkworms and then making mats for brick desiccation kilns. Today we make shading mats, insulating panels, beach umbrellas and reed roofs, all of which are true handicraft works.

All this allows us to put our experience at the service of our customers.

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Lacep snc offers a wide range of custom-made products and projects using reed: from beach umbrellas to roofs for various types of structure, from mats for countless uses to insulating panels for green building, and much, much more.